Bone Loss and Gut Health. Can Probiotics Slow Down Bone Loss?


This is the title of an article of Dr. Peter D’Adamo that gave me the inspiration to discuss about this subject and to review the article in the same time.

It looks like that there is a connection between bone loss and gut health, so as many other functions of our body are connected to gut health, as more investigated and underlined these days.

The importance of gut health and microbiome and how we nourish our body and our intestinal bacteria is becoming a daily talk, and panacea of mixtures and combinations are suggested each day by trusted professionals with extended explanations about recent discoveries and hidden toxins in foods, main cause of the most of the today’s discomforts and pathologies.

Dr. D’Adamo in this article gives the reasons why there is this specific connection between bones and gut health and suggests of course some of his products in regard.

We can all be confused among our choice, which product is better than other, has more or less elements, in regard of the dose, if it is too high or too low, and finally which company or scientists we trust better than another, and whose products would be the best choice for us.

For myself this choice has become very difficult lately because I know now many of these scientists, all deserve trust, and all are conscientious and responsible, and their companies for what I know use the purest elements on the market, and follow rigid standards of manufacturing.

Bone loss, typical of the aging process starts for some women with the menopause process, normally for the most of us begin during the  post-menopausal period and can be more or less severe, can start as osteopenia which is a moderate form of bone loss, or as osteoporosis which is more severe.

Regular therapy is based on vitamin D and calcium, and exercise, and doses vary based on the severity of the process and personal conditions, as we know calcium is not always recommended, especially if there are potential conditions for cardiovascular problems; calcium can deposit on the arterial walls and together the variety of debris and cholesterol plaques can cause strokes or heart attack depending if the obstruction is on the arterial that feeds the brain or the heart.

Today there are several therapies for this and mainly they suggest complexes with more than just calcium and vitamin D, more important are the minerals associate, and oligo-elements, which means that are in very low doses in body but with important functions, to mention some of these, strontium, for example, very important in the bone growth process, or boron, or silica or vanadium as trace bones minerals.

Bone Health Supplements

Calcium in these complexes is in low doses and in forms very well absorbed from the body and not dangerous, we need calcium, calcium is so important and with so many functions.

Going back to connection with gut health and Dr. D’Adamo’s article, what he enhances in this article is the importance of probiotics and prebiotics in the process.

To keep a healthy microbiota and so microbiome we must have the right probiotics, or better intestinal flora of microorganisms that will produce the appropriate molecules for important body’s functions and beneficial elements to support and nourishing those functions.

In case of bone loss one of these molecules is butyric acid, or butyrate, regular compound of butter, (but I guess that butter has other compounds not so healthy in addition to this good one) and ghee;  it looks like that we can find butyrate also in Jerusalem artichokes, jicama, dandelion greens, ripe bananas and kombucha, all typical  elements that support healthy microbiome and recommended from most of naturopaths.

The benefits of butyrate as short chain fatty acid, which are the healthy type of fatty acids, are many, and naturopaths keep reminding when they talk in regard of leaky gut or permeable intestine o any other problem connected with intestinal health, some of these are for example, protection against colon-rectal cancer, weight loss promoting, IBS and Chhorn’s disease managing, insulin resistance control, anti-inflammatory properties in general.

Butyrate is considered a prebiotic and so the foods just mentioned. Some of these elements are in Dr. D’Adamo’s formula probiotics from time, he was always including prebiotics as Jerusalem artichokes or same chicory root in his probiotic formula for blood type A, for example; in addition they both contain  inulin, very important prebiotic fiber for gut health, besides other elements and the specific lactobacillus which are the most present in our intestinal flora.

Each blood type has, of course a different composition in prebiotics and probiotics.

The doctor recommends three of his products for supporting bone loss and these are: the specific probiotic for specific blood type, a complex containing butyrate, and another complex with mix of minerals and herbs and vitamins A and D.

He explains the reasons why there is the connection. If a gut is unhealthy and with not the right microorganisms becomes inflamed, if inflamed its walls becomes permeable and leaked, the leaky gut process, in this case toxic molecules can go though this wall and get into the system and activate liver cells to travel to bone marrow and causing the breaking down of bone.

Butyrate is one of the elements that can heal the inflammation of the lining of the intestinal wall so that these molecules cannot reach body tissues and organs and cause damages; in addition, can directly stimulate the growth of bones.

One more case of the importance of combination of pre and probiotics, and of importance of food, what we eat and introduce in our body will feed the good bacteria or the bad ones; in the first case the result is of good health, but in case we feed the bad bacteria more cravings will come and the vicious cycle of unhealthy eating that will disrupt our good gut flora even more!

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Acid reflux traditional therapy and naturopathic therapy, natural remedies, controversial in regard

Baking soda makes an excellent remedy for itchy skin. It can also be used to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. See 10 Home Remedies for Itching and 14 Home Remedies for Heartburn to learn more.

Acid reflux or GERD can be a serious problems and many people are affected today, mainly due to lifestyle and stress, or as consequences of long term medications as NSAIDs anti-inflammatories, or to the presence of Helicobacter Pylori, an intestinal bacteria that for some is considered a commensal with beneficial properties but for the most a dangerous bacteria to get rid of and mainly cause of peptic ulcer and eventually stomach cancer, but there are other reasons and the major national medical organizations, internet webs and experts around give the list of all, causes, symptoms, therapies, side effects and so on.

Talking of controversial, this is one of the most debated within the naturopathic world against the conventional medicine methods and approaches.
Recently we all have been informed of the risks of taking anti-acids as Zantac for containing the molecule ranitidine, an histamine-receptor antagonist, but not mention in regard of the also commonly used proton pump inhibitors, as Nexium, for example, very much contested from naturopathic doctors for blocking the production of acids that instead is needed for digestion, and for manifesting a number of side effects.
For Dr. Joseph Pizzorno and Dr. Michael Murray, Bastyr University related and authors of the “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, the use of antacids and acid blockers raise the stomach pH, and this inhibits the action of digestive enzymes like pepsin, very important for the digestion process. The change in pH also affects the intestinal microbial flora promoting the overgrowth of Helicobacter Pylori.

The first step for these doctors in treating this disorder involves eliminating or reducing the causes that promote it. For occasional heartburn antacids may be appropriate but not abused, the best choice is preparation including alginate, a soluble fiber that soothes and nourish the intestinal wall, there are studies with positive outcomes.
If heartburn becomes a chronic problem can be sign of a hiatal hernia. Under their suggestions the most effective treatment of chronic reflux esophagitis and symptomatic hiatal hernias is to utilize gravity, another is to use licorice deglycyrrhizinated, or DGL, (which is licorice without the part that raises blood pressure) to heal the esophagus, or limonene extract from citrus fruit peel which is thought to improve the coordination of normal peristalsis.

More common cause of indigestion for the doctors is hypochlorhydria, reduction of acid secretion, symptoms are many and so disease associate. The ability to secrete gastric acid decrease with the age and now this association, from their report, is thought to be the result of increased overgrowth of H. Pylori in the stomach more than the aging process. Older studies found low stomach acidity in over 50% of people over 60 years old.
Acid reflux for the major of thoughts in the naturopathic world is not due to stomach acid itself but better to the inflammation of the lining walls of the stomach and for many an element responsible of its healing is zinc, and a better form of in this case is zinc-carnosine. Zinc and zinc-carnosine are present in many naturopathic complexes for gastric support, besides these there are many other compounds and elements that helps with healing process of the stomach.

The other very important and that is prescribed for variety of stomach problems and mainly to regulate the acid production is the DGL, as already mentioned. I have personally tried many times and really works well and makes feel a good sensation after taking besides the pleasant flavor, other elements usually present in GI support complexes are: slippery elm, marshmallow, aloe vera, and in more complex glutamine, glucosamine and other nourishing elements or detoxifiers; it depends.
Glutamine was one of the first compound mentioned from the revolutionary summits and from all of the scientists that I follow. Glutamine has a very important role in the healing process of leaky gut besides the sulfuric molecules as chondroitin and glucosamine for releasing the sulfuric element necessary to heal the tight junction of the intestinal and gastro-intestinal wall.

You can find some specific Seeking Health products for gut health clicking at this sites:

Gut Health Supplements

Probiotic Supplements

Seeking Health besides the variety of probiotics and S. Boulardii offers a G.I. support with DGL and zinc carnosine among others and zinc carnosine itself for who does not want too many elements together.

We all in life might have problem with acid reflux or Gerd and especially if this problem can become critic the pump inhibitors are the best solution to contrast, probably for short term use and at low doses, but not for extended period, or even for the life as many people do.
It looks like that high doses and long-term use of proton pump inhibitors may increase risk of osteoporosis and relative fractures, reduce the absorption of vitamin B12 and levels of magnesium, increasing risk of heart attack, muscle and joint pain and weakness and so on.

In regard of Helicobacter eradicating therapy also there are controversies, the conventional therapy is based on strong and long term antibiotics therapy associate with pump inhibitors for stomach protection, the naturopathic therapy relays instead on DGL and/or GI support complexes and Saccharomyces Boulardii, a probiotic yeast, beneficial commensal, responsible of eliminating all bad microbes, or as mentioned from Dr. Murray and Dr. Pizzorno, bismuth subcitrate. Bismuth is a natural mineral that act as antacid as well as against H. Pylori, the best-known preparation and widely used is bismuth subsalicylate known as Pepto Bismol, however, under their description, the subcitrate form has produced best results in the treatment of H. Pylori and of non-ulcer indigestion and peptic ulcer.

Overgrowth of H. Pylori has been linked to GERD, achlorhydria and hypochlorhydria, as well as peptic ulcer. The presence is determined by measuring the level of antibodies to H. Pylori in blood or saliva or by culturing material collected during an endoscopy or measuring the breath for urea, or by stool tests.
Protective factors against H. Pylori for Dr. Murray and Dr. Pizzorno are maintaining a low pH and adequate level of antioxidants like vitamin C and E; H. Pylori damages stomach and intestinal mucosa by oxidation and from here ulcer can develop.

Natural remedies for stomach problems are a variety and day by day are underlined and suggested from specialists and writers all around the world.
Just to mention some of these, lemon in water, apple cider vinegar in water, aloe vera, ginger, sodium bicarbonate, chamomile, carrot juice, fennel, apple and more, mainly elements that can help with acid production if not enough or contrasting the acid if too much is present in stomach.

Suggestion tips in general also are:
Comfortable clothes, small and frequent meals, elevating upper body during sleep and generally avoidance of spicy foods, alcohol and coffee, mint and chocolate, grease and fried foods, dairy and all junk foods eventually.

In conclusion remedies for this problem are many, for some are better a combination than another, but in general the suggestions tips are the same for everyone.
It is based on the personal medical history and other pathologies or not associate probably the choice of one or another therapy or natural remedy.

Thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M.


“The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” Michael T. Murray, N.D. & Joseph Pizzorno, N.D. Third Edition.












Diverbio tra medicina tradizionale o convenzionale e scienza emergente. Punti di vista e valutazioni.

Homeopathy. Herbal extracts in small bottles. Selective focus.

Generalmente scrivo, analizzo, o commento dati scientifici riguardanti la scienza emergente, ovvero nutrigenomica ed epigenetica, connessa maggiormente con la naturopatia o medicina integrale ed alla genetica.

Cerco di riportare dati autentici, provenienti da entita’ governative, riveduti e valutati da piu scienziati ed o ricercatori che seguo da anni, ricercatori Americani o Italo-Americani, famosi e ben apprezzati negli States; essendo Italiana residente in USA da vari anni.

Questa premessa per spiegare ai lettori italiani la ragione per cui ho deciso di scrivere questo articolo, perdonate il mio italiano se vi sono errori, purtroppo e’ da tempo che non scrivo nella mia lingua natale.

Ho gia’ affrontato un tema del genere in un senso parlando di controversie e disaccordi tra gli stessi medici di medicina naturale, di come oggi un dato, una ipotesi vengono ribaltati e contrastati volta dopo volta e gli stessi ricercatori non hanno nemmeno il tempo di rendersene conto.

Di diete si parla tanto, troppo forse, e si scrive tanto, io per prima ne ho parlato e ne accenno nei meiei articoli, ma cerco di trovare sempre la via piu’ moderata per affermare o riportare delle cose, questa e’ una mia caratteristica generale, non mi piacciono gli eccessi o le imposizioni, o l’essere troppo aggressiva.

Oggi purtroppo tanti sono cosi’, si e’ persa la cortesia, l’educazione, il rispetto, l’obiettivita’ ed il senso della misura, ecco perche io rimango attaccata a personaggi come Piero Angela, per esempio, per citare un nome scientifico italiano, visto che la scienza per me e’ sempre stata il punto di riferimento principale, oltre al fatto di essere biologa.

Qualcuno magari mi avra sentito parlare della “Dieta del Gruppo” famosa anche in Italia, la “ Blood Type Diet” e del Dr. Peter D’Adamo, si  e’ vero, sono stata una fan di questa dieta e della scienza “behind” per lungo tempo, ancora senza dubbio mi riferisco al mio gruppo sanguigno nella scelta dei cibi beneficiari e da evitare ed ho sempre avuto riscontro tranne per alcuni, continuo a seguire il Dr. D’Adamo ed usare i suoi prodotti quando capita.

Il Dr. Peter D’Adamo e’un vero genio, capace di creare sofwares e programmi di associazione tra gruppi, patologie e bisogni alimentari ed e’ sempre all’avanguardia, insegna egli stesso in una nota universita’ sulla costa est dell’America, la “Bridgeport University”.

Ma si sono aggiunti nuovi scienziati per me a questa scienza e quindi a volte mi sono un po’ persa tra loro e cosa pensare; ci sono momenti in cui anche io preferirei ritornare ai tempi di una volta quando solo la medicina tradizionale ci governava e venivano date vitamine solo durante convalescenze da malattie od in casi di infezioni o malattie gravi, o comunque la naturopatia esisteva ma non era cosi nota, diffusa ed esplosa come oggi.

Fino a pochi anni fa in Italia non vi era ancora questa esplosione, io cercavo di parlarne alla mia famiglia o conoscenti ma nessuno mi ascoltava o prendeva in considerazione, molti ancora non ascoltano, forse un bene?

Intanto mi sono sorpresa di vedere un documentario televisivo pochi giorni fa, trovandomi in Italia in visita della famiglia, dove si denunciava la nascita di questa sorta di guaritori fanatici che pretendono di svolgere la professione dei medici, o di sostituirsi, o comunque di diminuire l’importanza  della medicina tradizionale.

E’ vero che la medicina naturale contrasta la medicina convenzionale sotto vari punti, e questo non e’giusto ed anche io sono daccordo, ma lo fa basandosi su dati reali, certi magari esagerano, ma non tutti sono cosi. Io personalmente mi riferisco ancora alla medicina tradizionale pur seguendo la naturopatia e prendendo integratori ma con dovuta cautela.

Bisogna riconoscere intanto che la medicina naturale e’ essa stessa medicina, i naturopati proseguono una laurea che e’ allo stesso livello e forse molto piu’ profonda ed accurata di una laurea in medicina.

Io non sono naturopata ma conosco bene le procedure, seguo una delle universita’ di naturopatia  piu apprezzata e riconosciuta in America,  la “Bastyr University”, nella parte ovest dell’America e la maggior parte dei naturopati che seguo sono provenienti da questa, incluso il Dr. Peter D’Adamo.

Leggevo a caso la dieta proposta da una di queste persone che ha attratto un bel numero di fans e non e’ altro che una delle diete discusse dalla moderna naturopatia magari un po’ riarrangiata.

Ci sono diete di eliminazione, antinfiammatorie, ketogenica, paleo, autoimmune, dieta del gruppo e dieta mediterranea, valutata  quest’ultima dalla stessa “American Cancer Society” ed “American Heart Association”, quindi per prevenire il cancro e per il buon funzionamento  del cuore e sistema vascolare bisogna mangiare leggero, pulito e nutriente, cosi come sappiamo da tempo.

Ma volendo essere giusta, moderata ed obiettiva dovrei dire che queste diete anche hanno i loro riscontri e possono essere valide per certe persone, non tutti siamo gli stessi e non tutte le diete o proposte possono essere valide per tutti.

In conclusione quindi io direi ai guri di essere un po’ meno boriosi, o comunque a tutti quelli che enfatizzano un proprio prodotto o pensiero a discapito di altri, di evitare le sopraffazioni e la mancanza di rispetto gli uni verso gli altri, di avere un po piu’ senso della misura ed obiettivita’e di documentarsi in modo appropriato dei dati scientifici.

Grazie per la lettura.

Mariarosaria M.

SNPs and Methylation Cycle

MTHFR is, for Dr.  Ben Lynch, the gene that gives the input to the methylation cycle. Hundreds of body’s functions rely on methylation, for this are necessary methyl- donors, and not just this, but also the conditions for methylations can happen, if there is stress, lack of nutrients, leaky gut, or infections, or dirty genes, methylation cannot happen.

The major donors for methylation come from the methylation cycle and are methyl-folates and methyl-B12, within the methylation cycle there is a switch of methyl groups from a compound to another, one is methylated, and another reduced of a methyl group and transformed in another compound.

Some methylated compounds that body uses for its functions and very common are for example, phosphatidylcholine, very important structural component of the cell walls which comes from methylated choline, or melatonin, the modulator of the sleeping cycle that derives from methylated serotonin. For other compounds instead the methylation process allows to expel them from the body for being toxic and dangerous like, histamine or estrogen or arsenic.

When homocysteine is methylated by a methyl group coming from a methyl-folate it becomes methionine which is a precursor of acetylcholine, major brain neurotransmitter.

Methionine also can give SAMe, or S-adenosylmethionine, SAMe has a very important function in methylation for passing methyl groups on the hundreds of functions the body needs to work properly, if SAMe is too high or too low body functions are severely affected. After releasing its methyl group, it becomes homocysteine, which is the final product of methylation.

Homocysteine when methylated returns in the cycle if everything is working fine, but if there is oxidative stress due to lifestyle choices or other reasons is used to make glutathione, or GSH, the master antioxidant and detoxifier.

High homocysteine levels are associate with a variety of health problems from cardiovascular to cancer and all because of a block in the methylation cycle, this block can come from different reasons like, dirty gens, inflammation, oxidative stress, heavy metals, yeast overgrowth or small intestine bacterial overgrowth or SIBO, infections, lack of nutrients, and folic acid from the diet that blocks the receptors for the folates.

The laboratory levels range for normal values of homocysteine are considered up to 15 micromoles per liter, but for Dr. Lynch the upper limit value is above 7, anything higher or lower than this value shows that something is not working properly, if too high can be for different reasons not just because the body is not methylating properly, and if it is too low or below 7 there is not enough homocysteine for either methylating than making glutathione.

The methylation cycle is not functioning at all and different nutrients and lifestyle adjustments are necessary.

Some key nutrients for a healthy MTHFR and methylation cycle for Dr. Lynch are:

Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, we can find this in lamb, mushroom, spinach, almond, wild salmon, eggs

Folate, or vitamin B9, found in green vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, squash

Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, in red meat, salmon, clams, mussels, crab, eggs. For vegans and vegetarians, the doctor suggests supporting with supplements.

Protein from animal source, eggs and dairy, or from vegetable sources as beans, peas, lentils, broccoli, nuts and seeds

Magnesium from almonds, dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, avocados, whole grains

As we can see not just folate and vitamin B12, the compounds of this cycle are different for more metabolites are required for its function.

Because methylation cycle and deficit of methylation have been associated for the most to deficit of folates and vitamin B12 mainly in the methyl form let’s see reasons why cobalamin might be low. For Dr. Lynch some of the reasons are being vegan or vegetarian, high stress, use of antacids, Helicobacter Pylori or Pernicious anemia.

Either way Dr Lynch despite of owing a company of supplements has been always very clear on the fact that we do not have to rely on supplementation only or even absolutely not if not necessary, and especially in case of blockage of the folate’s receptors.

Methylfolate are very important and fundamental with a methylation deficit or MTHFR SNPs, but those high doses that many doctors recommended or still do are not certainly for everyone and have to be monitored because it can derive very serious side effects from the introduction of high doses of methylfolate. Dr. Lynch has spoken more times in regard of this and has a whole list of side effects and remedies for on his website.

The doctor also talks of a shortcut that the body takes if not enough folates or methyl-cobalamin are available, he calls the “choline shortcut” which means that to methylate homocysteine in methionine the body instead of the B vitamins rely on choline found in eggs, red meat, poultry and fish, or from vegetables as spinach and beets. This shortcut can only work temporarily.

In regard of laboratory tests, it’s useful to know that results will be not reliable with assumption of folic acid, in a serum folate test the lab measures both artificial folic acid coming from supplementation and enriched food, and natural folates from whole foods.

Some main recommendations for who thinks that its own MTHFR gene is dirty even before of testing are avoiding folic acid which is the worse enemy, filtering drinking water to remove unwanted chemicals, eating leafy green vegetables daily, making sure to get enough vitamin B12 from food sources, avoiding whole dairy milk products, avoiding stress as much as possible and having deep and restorative sleep.

Also very important is to stay way from toxins of all type because in this way we keep the MTHFR gene as clean as possible and we reduce the burden on glutathione so that the body can methylate more homocysteine because this last one does not need to be converted instead in glutathione necessary to neutralize toxins.

In few words avoiding toxins and chemicals we avoid to the body to go through the detoxification process and enhance the methylation process; this way we stay healthy as much as possible.

Always thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M.

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SNPs and Dirty Genes

Dirty Genes is the title of a book whose author, Dr. Ben Lynch, is famous, appreciated and well known in the naturopathic field as a molecular biologist, environmental and naturopath specialist.

I learned about him and his research since my impact with MTHFR and methylations. Dr. Lynch has been traveling around the world, facing risks and commitments, and just during these trips he had to cope with some health issues and came across the Ayurvedic Medicine; since then he began to get interested with this type of medicine.

Dirty Genes is for genetic variation, modification of a gene, mutation, and SNPs are the single nucleotide polymorphisms or genes variations, for both are the same thing.

Some of these variations, like he says, can make huge difference in our life, for example a SNPs, or mutation in the MTHFR gene can create a number of health problems from cardiovascular and neurological inflammation to cancer.

In the introduction of his book he explains the reason for he began to dig into his type of research. He was watching a scientific documentary that was demonstrating why two mice genetically identical did develop differently based on the way they were nourished.

The reason of this difference was due to methylations which has the power to turn off and on bad genes based on lifestyle conditions; the mice who had chance to methylate its DNA was healthy and thin, the other who had deficit of methylations was obese and unhealthy.

Actually, during this experiment while still in womb one mice was given methyl-donors from the mother and the other not; the one who received the methyl-donors was healthy, the other sick.

Many factors can influence gene expression, and this is what the epigenetics study, and what Dr. Lynch investigates from time and review in his book besides analyzing the different SNPs and protocols related.

We have thousands of genes in our body and millions of genetic polymorphisms, but only few thousand can potentially alter the genetic function. The doctor has chosen to treat and discuss seven of the most important SNPs: MTHFR, COMT, DAO, MAOA, GST/GPX, NSO3, PEMT, this denomination derives from the enzymatic process or pathway that these genes control; each of these influences hundreds of other genes.

SNPs can cause weakness in a gene like anxiety, depression, irritability, deficit of attention and so on, but also strengths as energy, good spirit, enthusiasm, focus mind, and other positive attitudes.

Dr. Lynch has created a Clean Gene Protocol that can help to stabilize these variations with modification of lifestyle, diet and environment enhancing the strengths of a person and reversing the weakness, but if genes are enough dirty there might be more serious problems as diabetes, cardiovascular issues and cancer.

Some genes are dirty from the birth, others become dirty along the way for lifestyle, influence of environment, toxicity, bad habits and other reasons.

MTHFR is the most important gene, the gene of the methylation process, the transfer of a methyl group, -CH3, from a donor to a receiver which becomes methylated, a process that influence the stress response, inflammation and immune response, energy and antioxidants production, cell repair, brain chemistry and more.

Strengths for this gene are alertness, productivity and focus, improved DNA repair, decreased colon cancer risk.

Weakness: depression, anxiety, autoimmunity, migraines, autism, pregnancy complications, birth defects, Down Syndrome, cardiovascular problems and increased risk of stomach cancer.

COMT is the gene with powerful effects on mood, focus, and way to handle estrogens.

Strengths: focus, energy and alertness, good spirit and glowing skin.

Weakness: irritability, insomnia, fibroids, increased risk of estrogen-dependent cancer, neurological disorders, vulnerability to addictions.

DAO’s genetic modifications can make very sensitive to foods and chemicals; it affects the response to histamine and so to allergic reactions and food sensitivity.

Strengths: Awareness of allergens and trigger foods

Weakness: Food sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome, allergic reactions, autoimmunity.

MAOA is the gene that affects mood swings and carb cravings, it helps to regulate the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, brain chemicals that affects mood, energy and alertness, self-confidence, vulnerability to addition, and sleep.

Strengths: energy, self-confidence, focus, productivity and joy

Weakness: mood swings, carb cravings, irritability, headaches, insomnia, additions

GST/GPX, the gene that affects the ability of detoxifying

Strengths: Awareness of potential chemicals, improved response to chemotherapy

Weakness: Extreme sensitivity to harmful chemicals, increased DNA damage

NSO3 influences the production of nitric oxide and so the blood flow and blood vessel production; therefore, cardiovascular and brain health.

Strengths: Potentiality of reducing the growth of a cancer for decreased blood vessel production.

Weakness: Headaches, high blood pressure, vulnerability to heart disease and heart attack, dementia.

PEMT, the gene that affects cell membranes and liver for supporting the ability to produce phosphatidylcholine, essential to maintain cell membrane, bile flow, muscle health and brain development.

Strengths: more support for methylation, better response to chemotherapy

Weakness: gallbladder disorders, small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), pregnancy complications, cell membrane weakness, muscle pain

When we clean up our genes born dirty or that become dirty along the way we give a boost to our life, a sense of clean and regeneration, and all of the variety of discomforts will disappear, pain, brain fog, allergy, gastrointestinal discomforts, and others.

The doctor then analyzes the variety of causes and factors that can make a gene dirty like:

Diet: too many carbs, too much sugar, too much proteins or not enough, unhealthy fats and not enough healthy fats, deficit of nutrients as vitamins and minerals

Exercise: sedentary lifestyle or overtraining, dehydration and electrolytes deficiency

Sleep: not enough deep and restorative sleep, not the right time of sleep, too short or too long

Environmental toxins: dirty food, water and air, chemicals in products, pesticides

Stress: Physical stress, chronic illness and infections, food intolerance and allergies, insufficient sleep, psychological stress

Methylation is the most important process of all of this and if we do not nourish well our body through the introduction of B vitamins, proteins and minerals, eat properly and live healthy, we do not methylate sufficiently and the consequences- as more time repeated- can be devasting.

The clean gene protocol starts with a “soak” and “scrub” projected to clean up all genes, which substantially means awareness of toxins in the environments and all things we must stay away, or doing right and necessity of detoxification, and if we keep this protocol or other clean protocols for the life, we can keep our gene clean and properly functioning.

The book has also a profile and personalities match where we can identify what eventually SNPs are associated to that type of symptomatology or behavior; in addition there are  questionnaires related for each SNPs; after founding the eventual SNPs we might have we can start to check for the appropriate suggestions for scrubbing and cleaning, the right protocol and diet to follow.

As already mentioned, dirty MTHFR are the most common of all SNPs. Usually are associate with hypothyroidism, and variety of more condition as intolerance to alcohol, or difficulty to get pregnant, children with autism spectrum or Down Syndrome, tendency to blood clots, low white blood cells count (WBC), high levels of homocysteine, vitamin B12 and folates.

MTHFR runs in families, for if there are problems related to mood swings they will be in the family too; with this deficit there are days where focus is at the max and we feel great, and, unfortunately, days with poor concentration, moods, or apathy, or even exhaustion.

If MTHFR was born dirty it can have more than one hundred SNPs.

There are people that even if were born with 30% of dysfunction of this gene do not have symptoms or may develop conditions, the doctor thinks that Italians because of healthy eating and lifestyle are some of these.

The other way to learn about genetic variations or SNPs is through the well-known genetic test “23 and Me”, in this case the data interpretation, for what is my knowledge, can be done thanks to Dr. Lynch’s system called “Strate Gene”, or Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s system, the “Opus 23”.

Either way we would still need a protocol to follow and both these scientists are worth of trust and respect to follow either one protocols and suggestions.

To be continued.

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Natural Remedies for Cancer

Turmeric powder and turmeric roots on the wooden table

Integrative medicine for cancer as supplements prescriptions is called “Complimentary or Adjunctive”, Dr. Mark Stenlger and Dr.  Paul Anderson, oncologists and naturopaths, the authors of “Outside The Box Cancer Therapies” care to precise this because this type of therapy cannot be considered as primary therapy for cancer, but an additional way to recover and to deal with the related side effects of primary therapies as chemo and radiations.

The natural elements and supplements mentioned in this book are a variety and with the specific dose recommended, molecular and biochemical mechanisms of action, benefits and eventual side effects. I will mention some, the most common and the related benefits and side effects.

Boswellia Serrata, or Indian Frankincense, popular anti-inflammatory with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine; in vitro studies have shown anti-cancer properties, the mechanism is to inhibit the pathway of inflammation though inflammatory factors like the cytokines, for example. Several studies of cases of cancer have reported good results at certain doses; it seems well tolerated with occasional digestive issues and mild blood thinning effects.

Artemisinin or Wormwood present in complexes for gut health to get rid of parasites, this herb seems to be a potential treatment for cancer, in multiple cell line has shown tumor killing properties. Recommendations for safety are for the oral form not to be taken with ulcers.

Astragalus with long history of use in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and popular in the West medicine as well as immune system support ailment; this herb contains compounds as polysaccharides, saponins and flavonoids, all with immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer effects. Very high doses may cause indigestion, mild effect on blood thinning and blood pressure lowering.

Ginseng, Panax ginseng, which is the Asian ginseng, the American ginseng is known as Panax quinquefolius, normally used to treat stress and fatigue, different studies have demonstrated anticancer properties and reduction of side effects of conventional oncological therapies.

Both ginsengs are well tolerated, American ginseng can lower sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Glutathione, the best body’s antioxidant composed by the amino acids cysteine, glutamine and glycine and found in fruits and vegetables. In integrative oncology is used to recover from side effects of chemo therapy and radiation, but is also used in preventive programs; it has a variety of functions and benefits, and as more times mentioned as detoxifier, it removes environmental toxins and carcinogens, there are number of studies in regard showing the improvement of body’s functions in many cases. It is well tolerated but its use is controversial.

Resveratrol, natural compound in fruits as grape and berries, typical antioxidant for protection from free radicals, but it is also used in prevention and treatment of cancer by inhibiting cells proliferation and blocking the estrogen effects. Not known side effect except that at very high dose can upset digestive tract.

Maitake mushroom, Grifola Frondosa, pretty used in Japanese and Chinese medicine for a variety of health conditions, extracts are used as immune system enhancement. Number of studies in regard show positive benefits and cancer regression in many cases of different type of cancers, or of reducing the adverse reactions from therapies. Maitake mushrooms are very safe, small percentage has experienced loose stool and those on immunosuppressive drugs should use only with consent of a physician, some interactions with coumadin have been reported in one case, but there are not significant anticoagulant effects.

Green Tea, made from leaves of Camellia Sinensis is available in different forms, besides the variety of conditions where is used is also used for cancer prevention and treatment, the compounds in green tea responsible of all its properties and benefits are called polyphenols, so as those in oil of olive, these are EGCG and ECG with powerful antioxidant properties, they inhibit angiogenesis, blood flow to tumors and tumor cell invasiveness. No significant side effects documented.

Turmeric, curcuma longa, the yellow spice typical of Indian cuisine and very common nutritional supplement, member of the ginger family, recognized healing agent in Ayurvedic and Chines medicine and very much used in US and around the world now as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Studies in vitro have shown its anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative and anticancer properties. Side effects are minimal and is well tolerated also at high doses, but lower doses are necessary with patients on anticoagulant therapy.

Licorice Root, Glycyrrhizin, an herb commonly used in all integrative and naturopathic medicines for a variety of conditions, as immune-enhancer and for anticancer properties, reduces inflammation, induces cell apoptosis and inhibits cells proliferation. It is generally well tolerated, at high doses can cause high blood pressure, water retention and potassium imbalance, for digestive problems is used the deglycyrrhizinated form, DGL, which has been removed of the part causing the elevation of blood pressure and cause of electrolytic imbalance.

Quercetin, member of flavonoids, primary sources are fruits and vegetables, mainly citrus fruits, apples, onions, parsley, sage, tea, red wine, olive oil, grapes, and dark berries. It is mainly used for treatment of allergies and as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and has anti-cancer properties as well. It is well tolerated but should be used with caution if taking quinolone antibiotics, anticoagulant, and possibly some chemo-therapy medications.

Fish Oil, Benefits from omega-3 fatty acids from purified fish oil are very well known, especially as remedy for chronic inflammation which is a risk factor for cancer; there are variety of studies that demonstrate its properties on reducing inflammatory markers and effectiveness of chemotherapy agents. Fish oil has anticoagulant properties and may cause digestive upset.

Glutamine, it is mainly used for digestive tract and muscle recovery and wound healing and to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Some research has demonstrated reduction of inflammation of mouth and throat and of lung cancer, and there have been more studies of other type of cancer with positive results. Glutamine is well tolerated, but the doctors suggest always to consult own physician with active cancer.

Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that the body does not produce for must be introduced with diet or supplementation. Very well known its function and benefits for the immune system in fighting infection and protecting us from them, it is mainly as an antioxidant with the purpose to protect from oxidative damage; for cancer therapy is used through injection. Data from studies after diet and supplementation has shown modest reduction risk of colon cancer. Excessive use can cause diarrhea and digestive upset.

Aloe Vera, Also very common from time, it is a plant used in many forms and for many conditions, as purifier, for digestive issues, skin relief, infections, wounds and also for immune support, cancer and cancer side effects thanks to the presence of a substance with immune modulating effects and that can inhibits cancer proliferation. Variety of studies also in this case. The commercial product has the bitter part with laxative properties removed and is safe at regular doses.

The list continues with more of the common supplements basically used with any general problem like Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, Vitamin D, Garlic, Resveratrol, Milk Thistle, Melatonin, CoQ10 whose benefits are well known but they are also used as adjuvants during cancer therapies, or in preventive therapy.

The administration of therapies varies, it can be oral, sublingual, inhaled and injected, these last one can happen in different ways.

The benefits of injection are bypassing the digestive system issues and better absorbance.

Oxidative Therapies uses antioxidants to stimulate body processes for fighting cancer and tissues healing.

The most popular and controversial is the IV therapy of high doses of vitamin C, very common in integrative oncology, and this therapy has potential benefits, anti-inflammatory and weakening of cancer cells. Recent founds have shown that intravenous therapy of vitamin C can alleviate a variety of cancer and chemotherapy related symptoms. The major of these studies were performed at the Bastyr University Research Center and Dr. Anderson was the chief of IV services at that time.

Other elements used are Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone.

Hydrogen Peroxide, H202, must be injected under high controlled conditions, a sterile low concentration of H2O2, free of preservative and stabilizers is added to a saline bag and slowly infused, its function is to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer through the production of tiny chemical messengers.

Ozone, is naturally in the air, is instable and has the ability to donate an oxygen molecule to become O2, as H2O2 its reactivity provides benefits in fighting cancer and the same prudence and specialization used for the injection of H2O2 it is necessary for the injection of ozone. Studies have shown positive benefits with no side effects at therapeutic doses.

These are the most used therapies but there are more besides hydration therapies with nutrients to support the patients after treatments.

I chose to partially review this book because it seemed to me well done and full of details that I could not report for obvious reasons. I have listened Dr. Stengler in summits and he sounds a professional to trust and of experience and an active researcher.

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The integrative medicine approach to cancer.

Soup, Vegetables, Broccoli, Leek, Pepper

The remedies and natural approaches for cancer are growing day by day thanks to the epigenetics and development of nutrigenomics.

The industry of nutraceuticals is invading the whole world, since few years ago not everyone were agree or interested to this type of natural healing as much as the field of integrative medicine and naturopathy was already developed in country as US and in some States of Europe and in Asia.

Dr. Mark Stengler, naturopath and oncologist and expert in this field has written several books on cancer and related natural remedies.

One of his books,” Outside The Box Cancer Therapies” written in cooperation with Dr. Paul Anderson, oncologist and naturopath as well, describes the main theories,  root causes and ways through cancer develops, stages and cellular growth mechanisms, and the different conventional therapies and cases analyzed and solved, more than these the variety of natural ailments, type of diet and protocols for preventing cancer and overcoming the terrible side effects that derives from chemotherapy and radiations and reducing the recurrences.

There are three major theories for the development of cancer under their definition: genetics, cells design mechanisms and metabolism.

The genetic theory is the most recognized and based on balance between the oncogenes and the genes suppressors. Despite the human genome study there are still wonders and not clear understanding and the research is continuing to expand in search of the truth and miracle therapies to defeat this terrible world’s disease of the century.

That’s why for these doctors more important is to keep under control things that can cause cancer like carcinogens; the prevention is still an important step to avoid diseases as cancer and not simply that.

The cell design theory is also called trophoblastic theory or stem cell theory. The trophoblastic theory is very similar to the modern stem cell theory, this propose that cells involved in production of placenta may receive a signal to become cancerous.

The stem cell theory suggests that some stem cells start to reproduce to support the cancer reproduction that without this support could not survive for any longer, this means that cancer cells can come out from normal stem cells.

It seems that this theory has been recently validated from publications.

The metabolic theory is the one that imply cellular energy dysfunction due to mitochondrial damage and that affects the genome and so the development of a cancer; this theory seems to have significant implications for treatment and prevention.

The doctors then analyze the different factors and triggers like for example: age, alcohol use, tobaccos, UV rays, aflatoxins, arsenic, formaldehyde, nickel compounds, indoor emissions and so on.

More reasons for the authors of this book are chronic inflammation and diet, obesity, radiations, all type of, very damaging for the DNA, immunosuppression, infectious agents.

They then discuss other important steps and parts of a cancer process and progression, they talk about the different approaches between conventional and integrative medicine, terms of cure, prognosis and remissions, and survivorship; here is where they introduce how important is for integrative medicine to focus on the quality of life of a patient.

But they also make sure to test that integrative doctors recommend the same diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of a cancer, stage and grade; in addition, the type of diagnostic tests will depend on person’s age, medical conditions, suspected type pf cancer, type of symptoms and result of other lab tests.

They also enlist the variety of diagnostic tests for cancer and outside the box methods precising that not all of these may be appropriate for everyone.

The conventional medicine is reductive for the integrative medicine with the evaluation of a case, its approach can be effective with cases of early stage of a cancer because this medicine allows to detect the problem and to destroy the growth immediately, but in cases more complex becomes necessary to look at the whole picture and causes so as the principle of natural medicine teaches, and to believe in the healing power of  the body and positive attitude of a person. The support is very important for this type of medicine to the patient.

Detoxification is a very important step for integrative doctors and especially after treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, all the waste accumulated in body are the cause of the multiple side effects, like headaches, fatigue, nausea, joint and muscle pain, and more.

The purpose is to easy and relieve the symptoms and to support the immune system; successively these doctors start to go deep down the history of a patient to figure out causes to address the right therapy and plans to follow.

They start to check imbalances in body, they test for heavy metals, for example, or they search for any type of toxins, or for hormone imbalance, they address deficiency and establish an appropriate diet, and they look at microbiome and gut health.

The most of us connected to the scientific world knows that the 70% of our immune system resides in the gut, and we all can imagine how important this functionality is for the development of a cancer, the doctors consider in regard of this the many factor that can alter the intestinal barrier and so the constitution of the microbiome and possibility of get sick or of healing. Among these factors they recognize nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol, milk intolerance, diet high in carbs and fats, SIBO, digestive enzymes deficiency, intestinal infections and inflammation, stress, nutrient deficiency.

They analyze the toxins connection which is fundamental for the process of detoxification to individualize the right antidotes and treatment for the case.

The main tools of this medicine are nutritional supplements, homeopathy, herbal therapy, clinical nutrition, counseling, chiropractor, physiotherapy and massage, intravenous and injections therapies, acupuncture and bioidentical hormones.

Stress, of course is an important factor to keep under control with cancer. Holistic methods can for sure reduce the side effects of chemo and radio therapy.

They also discuss the variety of conventional therapies included the most recent one like use of vaccines, stem cell transplants, photodynamic therapy and laser therapy, these last two can be applied only to some type of cancers.

Nutrition is critically important for Dr. Stengler and Dr. Anderson to fight cancer, and we know how important is to prevent diseases in general, the food we eat can have an impact on our genes and turn on or off important functions or bad genes and this is what epigenetics studies and what the methylation process can affect. To learn more about methylation and its implication go to:

There is already evidence of the beneficial effects of some type of foods and healthy diet for preventing cancer and the medical community totally agrees with this.

Both these doctors generally agree with National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society in regard of a low inflammatory diet, as the Mediterranean Diet based on fibers as legumes, fruit and vegetables, low  amount of healthy grains, seafood, low amounts of good quality proteins and lean meat, and healthy fats as omega 3 and extra vergine oil of olive, and, of course, with the avoidance of trans and saturated fats, refined sugars and processed foods, red meat and alcohol, deep fried foods, grilled or barbequed meat, and minimization of dairy products, and soda drinks.

Sugar is, as we know, the worse trigger for cancer and the doctors dedicate a whole chapter explaining the biochemical process and pathways that influence the development and connection with insulin resistance and hormonal grown factors and implications with colorectal cancer.

“The ketogenic diet also seems to be of help since research has shown that most tumor cells are unable to use ketone bodies for energy production due to changes in their mitochondria structure, this results in metabolic stress for the tumor cells and creates an anticancer effect, ketones are toxic to some cancer cells”.

This is what the doctors tests in regard of ketogenic diet and its effects on cancer.

Intermitting fasting is also essential to starve the cancer cells and to heal and detoxify the body, this is a typical step of any integrative process of healing today, but not everyone is capable to accomplish.

To be continued

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